Getting dressed is an art. When you get dressed and meet someone, your style speaks before you. And therefore, we, at Chokore believe that it’s important to have some basics of styling right.

Here are some tips that can help you style yourself better! Read on to know more!

  • 1. If your jacket and shirt are of solid colours then you can match them with a printed tie and pocket square. This combination of printed-plain is like Jai and Viru, won’t ever go wrong!

         jacket and shirt

  • 2. You can match your cufflinks with your tie and pocket square colours. A cufflink enhances your overall personality hence can be used well to match a tie and pocket square as well.

   Pocket Square

  • 3. Tie pins can be matched with the colour of your tie or a pocket square if you wearing one. Tie pin makes your whole look structured and compact, a winner in absolute formal occasions.
  • 4. A lapel pin brings out your flamboyant and discerning personality. It separates you from the rest and is an occasion differentiator


    • 5. In some cases basis your discretion, a jacket/Nehru jacket can be worn with a pocket square or pocket square and cufflinks. This look can define your formal appearance in a business meeting.     
    • 6. If you don’t have an experimentative personality, you can go with a classic white or a classic black pocket square.  
    • 7. In today’s Indian context, a Nehru jacket is equivalent to a men’s formal jacket. Teaming it with a matching Pocket Square as per Fashion Roulette Wheel differentiates you in a gathering.
  • 8. Experimentation of a pocket square in a shirt pocket is also being attempted by a few in India and globally. Cricket super stars like Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and select Bollywood celebs sport it at occasions. A pocket square in a shirt pocket (formal/casual) makes you look dapper and enhances your aura. Wearing it ups your styling quotient and enhances your presence.


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