Pocket squares—the word that you may have heard a lot about is one of the most elegant men accessory. We, at Chokore, would love to take you through the article that talks about pocket squares, their origin, their journey and how you can use them to create your own style.

From Where Did they Come: The History of pocket squares

First things first! Here’s a brief on how the pocket squares came into existence.


How do they make a Pocket Square? The Material Used

When you look at a pocket square, you must have wondered, what’s this piece of cloth made up of? We’ll decode it for you!

Pocket squares could be made up of the following materials:

Cotton: Cotton appears a bit rough hence can be paired with jackets made of wool, silk and velvet. You’ll get a good crease in a cotton pocket square and they are perfect for getting different points and folds. Cotton is perfect for summers and can be modelled for both casual and formal look.

Linen: Come summers and your linen pocket squares are out. They have their edges like cotton and textural appearances like silk but aren’t very good with creases.

Silk: Silk is the best material for pocket squares. It is smooth, shiny and has the ability to pop out in the right manner when paired with a tie or a jacket. Small spaces in your jacket are no constraint for silk and be it any season, it’s the best that would go with your attire.

Check out some of the best quality silk pocket squares here.


What’s the Size of a Pocket Square?

The size of a pocket square ranges from 9” by 9” in’ to 22” by 22” in’.

Different sizes solve different purposes, i.e.

  • Puff folds: You need a larger sized pocket square to enhance the puffy look and give a formal appeal.
  • Crease folds: You can do with a smaller size pocket square.

How to Style a Pocket Square?

We know it is a difficult task to style your clothes with the perfect accessory. Here we have a sneak-peak that helps you look great, according to your mood.

For the flamboyant you: Well, flamboyance too is a style. Style yourself in a perfect White shirt, wear either plain black or blue jacket and put a bright plain or printed pocket square.



For the balanced you: The look that shows you completely confident and poised. Pair a decent blazer with colours matching with blue, red and white.


For the dapper you: If making your presence felt without disrupting the fashion code of a formal gathering is your objective, then this is your look of the day. You can take a printed tie, along with the same-coloured plain pocket square.




We hope we’ve helped you a bit with styling yourself. Check out some of the best pocket squares and ties and match them with any mood of yours! (Add link)

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