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Pocket squares add an extra spoon of confidence to your manliness.

                                           Bread and Butter

Pocket squares have the innate ability to upgrade your entire apparel and add a compelling twist to your entire suit game.

The enhancing quality of a pocket square might sometimes outshine your own clothing. And that is because of their robust influence within and around you. So pocket squares, because of its make or break theory, demands us to consciously pick them up based on certain criteria.

Here are few quick “when and where” ideas that prevent the pocket square from overshadowing you.

                     When and where to wear a pocket square?

                          Patterned luxury pocket squares in India

So, when or where should you carry a pocket square along with you? Well, the answer is simpler than you presume. Pocket square goes well with anything that’s close to a suit or jacket. Hence, without any second thoughts you could undoubtedly pack your pocket square ready, to any occasion that requires you to suit up your flaunting tip top vibe.

                                                  Types of occasion


                           Premium Ties and Pocket squares for men

                                          Business formal

Formal business events and meetings are the number one priority to perfectly pitch a pocket square. Type of folds like the simple oriental and Presidential (Flat fold), would be an unbeatable formula to slay any of your professional occasions like a pro.

                                            Business Casual

                       Premium Ties and Pocket squares for men

Adding a pocket square to the not-so-casual and less formal social events could hype up your statement of style.


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Interviews are one of the foremost occasions, where you might want to use your first impression tactics. And that is why choices like a reverse puff pocket square fold could induce strong flavors of curiosity to your personality and perspective.


Pocket squares should never be missed for an occasion such as most cherished graduation. Adding in the touch of a single peak pocket square to your graduation suit, will make you look sharp.


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It is a must-include ingredient that has a huge part in providing a personal touch of warmth on a wedding day. Because of the specialty of this occasion, there is nothing called a good or bad match in terms of the type of pocket square that must be picked up. It is very subjective. Hence, while making an appearance at a friend’s wedding, go with your personalized choice of well customized and comfortable style of a pocket square, and make the occasion forever memorable.


                                                       2. Semi-formal

                                                          Work party

The pocket square is a top-class recommendation for an offsite work party. An eye-catching rose pocket square fold or a simple classic fold is clearly anyone’s cup of tea to create a major sense of attraction in both formal and casual work parties.

                                                Not another regular day

               Patterned coastal blue luxury pocket squares for men

Pocket square doesn’t limit itself to only a formal-professional setup. It could be well utilized for a far more diversified purpose on a daily basis. Including a basic go-to puff fold pocket square in your everyday accessory, will rejuvenate a new level of enthusiasm to your suit garment. It makes your normal day at work less regular and more interesting.


                                                              3. Casual

                  Finest quality of luxury men accessories in India

Pocket square brings out an additional special feature to your suit apparel. On days where you wake up to the sun with little or no clue of what you want to wear for the day, the idea of including a piece of pocket square to your clothing, will help you to get out of your bed with a better mood.

                                                            Festive attire

                   Best collections of designer pocket squares for men

One of the best way to splash your style off the road during a festive occasion could be perfectly fulfilled with a pinch of folded square in your pocket. The Stairs fold or a reverse pocket square fold, would be a best choice to effortlessly grab all the eyes and ears towards you. So why wait? Get yourself ready, to walk around as the hot talk of the town.


                       Customized Premium Pocket squares for men

Pocket squares can easily make you look smart without much effort. That’s why it is a must necessary add-in to your casual holiday trip. The most simple, yet classy, edged or winged puff fold is a top recommended go-to style for all vacations.

                                                  Networking event

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A man’s best accessory isn’t necessarily have to be materialistic. And, pocket square is a best distinctive prototype of it. Two or three-point pocket square fold induces a keen and compulsive sharpness to your outfit. It is the most perfect tool to bash out any kind of social or networking event.

                                                          Outdoor day

Adding a pocket square to your suit apparel on a very casual outdoor day, will provoke a look that elevates and maintains your charm all day long. A very conventional and simple pattern of fold such as a random puff fold or an edged puff fold can tremendously rate your look one step higher in the scale of fashion.

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