Happiness in the eyes of your favourite person is the purest form of love you can ever treasure.

                Exclusive collection of luxurious gifts for him & her

Celebrating love is much more than just buying gifts and presents, not all of them can make you feel special.

And that is why whether or not picking up the right choice of present for your favorite person could be your secret game-changer, for this Valentine’s 2022.

Here, through a super quick guide, we are going to take you through a wide variety of thoughtful gift ideas (along with a special bonus tip at the end).

                                                  Gifts for him

                Customised collection of gift accessories online

Present your man with something he would truly love, and that defines his personality.


                                  Peculiar suit accessory gifts for men in India

                                Exclusive cotton cravats for men online

Suit accessories excite men, as much as it does women.

With that said, suit accessories such as a Cravat are an undeniably peculiar choice for a perfect V-day gift for him. A cravat is a robust yet subtle combination of a necktie and a bow tie. If you are looking out for the latest and contemporary fashion tip to surprise him, this is it.


                                        Finest quality of cufflinks for men

Cufflink is a not only thoughtful but also a timeless present that he will forever remember and cherish. If not for a cufflink, there cannot be any better present that would describe, the way you adore and appreciate his classic accent of manliness.

                                                   3.Pocket Square

Pocket Square in any man’s wardrobe is the weapon that could save his day. Pocket Square by his side, a man can never run out of style.


                                       Thoughtful gift ideas for your valentine

A lot of trends may come and go but pocket squares have been sustaining all the storms that the fashion industry had been throwing on it. Who knows? Picking up a Pocket square could be a top-notch unannounced surprise that’s going to make him extra happy. Or, who knows? This underrated accessory could even be a life-long memory for him.

                                                       4.Neck tie


                                High-end silk neckties for men online

                          Printed pure cotton and linen neckties for men

If you are in search of something that has got to be productive yet close to his heart, then a necktie will be your perfect go-to gift. Necktie is a quickly affordable and catchy present. Regardless of the occasion, neckties can make any formal and casual occasion more sassy and easy. 

                                 Luxurious collection of silk bow ties for him

On the other hand, if you are looking for a much minimalistic, time consuming, and adorable present, then bow tie could be the absolute go-to choice for him.

                                                            5.Gift set

Still difficult to find your love language? Okay, here we go!

                          Premium box of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Thinking out of the box always comes in a box, they say. If you are still a little bit unsure of what could best suit him, without any inch of second thought go with CHOKORE’s customized gift set. Mixing and matching a combination of accessories always works out for the better. These pretty gift box sets would be the perfect gift that he has probably never received from anyone.

                                                   Gifts for her

Before we jump into this, here’s an instant tip.


                                   Steal her with stole

                           Floral Printed Poly silk stole for women

It’s almost rare that anyone would have ever thought of gifting a stole for their woman. But if you decide to break the notion with your unpopular opinion, be ready to handle all the love from her.

Here’s why.

No woman can deny her happiness with the things in which she feels the most comfortable. A stole on any day, is such a kind of clothing accessory that will make her feel at her best. Choosing to pick up such a thoughtful present, will make her recognize how much you understand and resonate with her thoughts and emotions.


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