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No lady can resist the allure of a handbag. Women can carry a variety of bags, but tote bags for women are a little different. We can tote-tally swear by our designer tote bags for women, a collection crafted for the ladies of today. Thoughtfully crafted, spacious, and handy, these bags have a generally relaxed vibe to them. They appear to be perfect for a variety of casual outings, such as brunch dates with friends, family outings, lazy Sundays spent with a significant other, in short they can carry everything you’ll need. Having a saviour like a tote handbag might be a friend to keep in a world where women's clothing often lacks pockets. They are spacious and can probably house all your everyday knick-knacks in one space. In our collection, we have handcrafted straw tote bags, trendy and absolutely chic. Here are a few occasions and ways you can style one and own the day!

Tote Bags Style Guide:

Tote Bags for Everyday Statement: Made with bamboo, the straw bags in our range of tote bags are exclusively handcrafted for your everyday statement look. Featured with handle tops, you can effortlessly hold and carry them along with you on any outing. The unique see-through design makes them look more intriguing and hence will speak of your exclusive taste.

Style With a Pocket Square: Our collection of tote handbags is full of colours and life, but if you wish to add more splash to your pick, try tying a pocket square on the handle of the designer tote bags for a glamourous touch. You can use a contrasting printed stole with a solid tote bag for the extra dash of colours to your look.

Use Large Tote Bags for Women: Our basket-style tote bags are ideal for your leisurely excursions, whether it's a stroll in the fall or a picnic on the beach in the summer. They are stable and a great option for carrying your brunch snugly because they have sturdy handles.

Why Choose Chokore:

Chokore is a one-stop shop for all men’s and women’s accessories. We take pride in bringing the best quality products, from silk pocket squares to finely crafted jewellery pieces, to you. Our designer tote bags for women are inspired by the latest trends, offering you with a designer collection of the best color options and choices.

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