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Buy Gift Sets for him Online from Chokore

If you are looking for the ultimate destination to buy gifts for the men in your life to create a lasting impression, you are in the right place. Our carefully curated collection at Chokore is designed to elevate your style and enhance your everyday looks.

We understand that accessories play a major role in a man's wardrobe, adding essence and sophistication to his getup. That's why our gift sets feature a wide range of accessories expressly tailored for men. From sleek ties and designer cufflinks to silk pocket squares and trendy cravats, we have everything you need to accessorize with confidence.

Each accessory in our gift box is selected for its premium quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Whether you are shopping for an anniversary gift, birthday or any special occasion, our gift box makes the perfect gift to bring a smile and impress him.

Our collection includes various tastes and preferences so you can best choose a set that matches his personality and hobbies. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or a more contemporary and bold aesthetic, Chokore has the perfect gift set to suit your individual style. Take a look at our collection and gifts and fine for you!

Explore Our Spectacular Collection of Gifts Sets for Men

At Chokore, we have five collections of different assortments to make a perfect gift for the men in your life.

1.Chokore Four in one red colour gift set

If you are looking for a pop of colour in his everyday life with red, then this pure twill silk collection is perfect for you. Feel the richness of the contrasting coloured, Indian pattern inspired rich pure satin silk tie, cravat and pocket square, which will make him feel and look royal. Finish the look with a pair of exquisite patterned enamel-based cufflinks, and he’s ready to make heads turn.

2.Chokore Four in one blue colour gift set

Let everything be elegant and blue. This combination set is perfect to give a sophisticated and calmer look. This twill silk tie is decorated and gilded with stylish red and blue Indian flower designs and motifs, making it ideal if you want to set it for a formal occasion or a graduation ceremony. The pure satin silk cravat with red and blue Indian patterns inspired by the rich Indian designs adds to the set's beauty and refinement. All you have to do is add the royal blue metal cufflinks and you are ready to go.

3.Chokore Four in one green colour gift set

This set is perfect with the combination of light blue and orange checkered pure satin silk cravat, a blend that can never go wrong. With this box, you can feel the aura of tranquilly in the blue and orange striped pure satin silk pocket square inspired by Indian motifs. Gift this set and let the elegant white enamel cufflinks add a touch of real grace.

4.Chokore Navy Blue colour 3-in-1 gift set

The tie in this set is made of rich, pure and plain silk. Paired with the matching plain navy blue enamel-based cufflinks and a printed pocket square by marble design. To complete the appearance add it with a black or grey jacket. This is perfect and suitable for formal, informal, and special occasions, making it the best gift.

Chokore Four in one Light sea green colour gift set

If he is into a unique wildlife look, this can be the ideal gift. The wildlife-inspired pure satin silk pocket square in the set complements the nobility and beauty of Indian culture and designs. When paired together with the patterns on a pure satin silk cravat made specifically with contrasting pink, black, and yellow motif prints on blue, it can change the entire look. It also has matching exquisite elephant-printed cufflinks with an enamel base to round off the look.

Why Choose Chokore for Gift Sets for Him

At Chokore, we believe that the gift should be something that reflects the persona of the recipient and speaks their language in order to win their hearts.

1.Unique and Personalized: Chokore's gift sets for men offer a unique and personalized touch that sets them apart from generic gift options. Each set is meticulously made to complement various personalities, making it a really unique and personalised present for the men in your life. We also have customized gift sets online that you can look at.

2.Style Upgrade: With Chokore's gift sets, you can give the gift of a style upgrade. The carefully selected accessory combinations, such as ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more, are intended to complement a man's clothing and enrich his entire appearance. It's a thoughtfully way for him to confidently show his particular flair.

3.Memorable and Lasting: When you pick Chokore's gift sets, you're not simply giving a gift, but also leaving a lasting memory. With our products you can treasure them for years to come because of their high quality. He'll be reminded of the important event and the generosity behind the present every time he wears one piece from the set. You can also buy fashion accessories for men other than our ties or pocket squares.


1.Are these gift sets suitable for all occasions?

Yes, gift sets with accessories like pocket squares, ties, and cufflinks are versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions, including formal events, weddings, business meetings, or even as a stylish addition to everyday attire.

2.How do I determine the right size for the tie and cravat in the gift set?

Most ties and cravats in gift sets are of standard length and width, which should fit the average adult male. If you're uncertain about the size, consider looking at the product description for size specifications.

3.Are these gift sets suitable for men who don't often wear accessories?

Yes, gift sets can be a great option for men who don't typically wear accessories. They provide an opportunity to add a touch of style to their wardrobe and experiment with different looks on special occasions or to elevate their everyday outfits.