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Indian at Heart Collection

A collection that breathes life into every fabric. Inspired by the radiant spirit of India, our neckties boast vibrant prints, each telling a unique story. These pieces are a symbol of the celebration of positive energy we find in the very heart of India. Crafted in 100% pure silk, they're a canvas of love and purity, with a touch of serene elegance that effortlessly complements every occasion and outfit brilliantly. Explore this collection; a journey into the heart and soul of India.

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Marine Collection

Taking you through the mesmerizing hues of the ocean - that’s the inspiration behind our “Marine Collection.” Each necktie tells a silent tale of the deep blue, from the elegance of sea creatures to the rhythmic pulse of waves. Crafted with an eye for detail, this collection invites you to embrace the mystique of the marine world. Let your style dive deep and surface with a splash of oceanic charm.

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Plaids Collection

Classic patterns just got a modern twist! Picture versatile neckties, each woven with precision to bring a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. From casual chic to business sleek, this collection seamlessly blends tradition and trend. Crafted for those who appreciate the enduring appeal of plaids, this collection is a nod to style that stands the test of time. Experience the subtle elegance of our plaids and redefine classics with a contemporary edge.

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Solids Collection

The Solids Collection takes you to the world of understated elegance, a palette of refined simplicity. Crafted for those who appreciate the power of a single, striking hue, this collection is a nod to timeless sophistication. From vibrant reds to serene blues, each piece is a versatile statement that effortlessly elevates your ensemble. Your style will speak volumes in the language of solids – a collection that proves the beauty of simplicity never goes out of fashion.

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The Wedding Collection is an ode to the grandeur and traditions of weddings. Imagine donning neckties adorned with intricate Indian prints, each piece telling a unique story of cultural richness. Whether you're a groom or a guest, these accessories are more than embellishments; they're a celebration of love and heritage.

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Wildlife Collection

Immerse yourself in the raw, untamed beauty of nature – that's the essence of our 'Wildlife' collection. These neckties are not just accessories; they're a visual journey into the heart of the wild. Each piece of this collection features majestic elephants, exotic birds, and the untamed spirit of the animal kingdom. Crafted with precision and the purest silk, this collection is a unique celebration of nature's wonders, allowing you to wear the untamed with style and authenticity.

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