Checkered Past (Pink) (#RK FAVOURITE)

₹ 2,000

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₹ 2,000


A wink to all those of us who have one!

Perfect for when a “smart casual” dress code is the order of the day. This masculine plaid pattern in pink has a matching solid border and can be arranged to display only the checks, or also the solid edges. A sharp punctuation point to a smart jacket.

Crafted of pure linen.

  • 100% Linen
  • Dry Clean only

  • 16 x 16 in
  • The proportions of our eri silk and linen pocket squares are intentionally generous (18” x 18” for eri silk and 16 "x 16" for linen). They’ve been designed to fill up the space, retain their arrangement and to minimize the possibility of slipping down into the pocket.
  • Logos: Personally, I hate logos on products, but my business partners felt they’re important when building a new brand. So we compromised—the branding on all our products is placed in such a way that it is not visible when in use unless you want it to be! - Rahul Khanna

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