Flat White (#RK FAVOURITE)

₹ 2,000

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₹ 2,000


"IMHO, a plain, white linen pocket square should be the cornerstone of every accessories collection" - Rahul Khanna

Appropriate for any time of the day or at any kind of event, this exquisitely simple piece adds a refined finishing touch to your suit. It can be worn in a classic rectangular presidential fold (RK’s favourite) or with the corners arranged into peaks.

Pro tip: Whipping a freshly laundered, white, linen pocket square out of your pocket and offering it to someone in need of a handkerchief is also an incredibly chivalrous and charming gesture, sure to win you admiration and praise!

Crafted of pure white linen.


  • 100% Linen
  • Dry Clean only

  • 16 x 16 in
  • The proportions of our eri silk and linen pocket squares are intentionally generous (18” x 18” for eri silk and 16 "x 16" for linen). They’ve been designed to fill up the space, retain their arrangement and to minimize the possibility of slipping down into the pocket.
  • Logos: Personally, I hate logos on products, but my business partners felt they’re important when building a new brand. So we compromised—the branding on all our products is placed in such a way that it is not visible when in use unless you want it to be! - Rahul Khanna

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