Dive Into Our Marine Collection Pocket Square This Monsoon

You've come to the right place if you're seeking ideal silk pocket square to outfit you for this monsoon season. Enjoy the richness and splendour of our pocket squares from the Marine collection, each of which draws inspiration from the lullabies of the valley where the waves whisper and swirl to your music. Here's your small excuse to add some freshness to your wardrobe; the collection of pocket squares is made with pure love and delight to match your mood and beat the Monday blues. Let's take a dive into this magical world and get to know some of our bestsellers to buy pocket squares:


Marine Collection Pocket Squares: 

The waves are here to win your heart, the collection as deep as the bottomless blue seas. Take a breath and embrace yourself as each creation captivates you with its unique composition and high-quality finish.  


Chokore Satin Silk Sea Green Pocket Square 

Pocket square

The patterns on this pocket square are reminiscent of the ocean, which is home to an inconceivably diverse range of life. When worn with any coloured jacket, this sea green pocket square can ace your appearance and enhance it. Try embodying the ocean's life by doing so. The creation is made using pure silk fabric, bringing the shells and fishes to life! If you are looking for unique men's gifts ideas, this could be a good option.  


Chokore Blue & Red Pocket Square

Silk pocket squares
Anchors and ships, why not! Make heads turn by pairing your signature navy suit with this gorgeous multicoloured pocket square. The pocket square is an actual work of art that is made from pure silk fabric that gives the theme an effortless sheen and draws everyone's attention to the print's finer details.

Chokore Multi-Coloured Pocket Square 

Silk pocket squares

The vibrant pocket square's enchantment is inspired by the Indian waters and a passion for colour. The free-flowing waves symbolize a carefree nature, so if you share that zeal, this gorgeous item is perfect for you. You won't be limited in any way by this finesse's use of colour because you can match it with any suit and clothing. Explore and create your different looks today! 


Chokore Blue & White Anchor Pocket Square 

pocket square

Blue is a noble and regal colour that also represents the serenity of the ocean. Several anchors rule the design of this stunning blue pocket square. According to legend, each anchor on this beauty stands for serenity, stability, and hope. Bring this vivid blue pocket square home to use with any simple jacket and witness it effortlessly elevating your looks. 


Chokore Magenta & Orange Pocket Square 

pocket square

Greet the marine theme in this pretty pink and orange pocket square. The product is multicoloured with a fantastic large wave pattern running over the surface. You will embark on a sophisticated voyage with this masterpiece, which will flawlessly go with practically every suit and shirt you own.


We are confident that if you appreciate these silk pocket squares from the Marine collection, you will also enjoy our other collections, including the Indian At Heart, Marble, and Wildlife ones. If you don't enjoy experimenting with colours and patterns a lot, the solid selection is also available to you. 

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