How to Choose Accessories That Will Make You Feel Your Best

When it comes to fashion, the first thing which is significant for the whole look is accessories. Whether it’s a suspender for men or designer handbags for women , accessories can help you make or break a look. It is not necessary to have all the trendy accessories but to have the basic essentials that every wardrobe needs. Let's take a look at a few points to consider while accessorising yourself as a stylish icon in town. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best fashion accessories for men and women both.

1. Reflect your style

Begin by understanding your personal style and the way you want to carry yourself. Are you drawn to classic, minimalist pieces or bold and statement-making accessories? Consider your preferences, lifestyle, and the occasions you'll be wearing the accessories for. By making a decision here you will have a clearer idea about the accessories you want to reflect with your personal style and feel authentic.

2. Consider your comfort

While accessories might be visually pleasing, your comfort should always come first. Choose accessories that will not restrict your movement or create discomfort during the day. Accessories that create a mix between style and comfort include lightweight earrings, adjustable bracelets, premium cufflinks and comfy shoes.

3. Coordinate with colours

Consider the colours of your clothes while choosing accessories. Accessories in neutral colours, such as black or nude, are flexible and can be paired with a variety of outfits. To create visual interest and make your accessories stand out, choose complementary or contrasting colours.

4. Quality over quantity

Purchasing high-quality accessories will not only improve your overall appearance, but will also assure durability and lifespan. Quality materials and craftsmanship helps boost your style and give you confidence in your outlook.

6 Types Of Fashion Accessories That Can Never Go Out Of Style

1. Suspenders -

Suspenders have been a timeless accessory for both men and women. They add a touch of sophistication and vintage charm to any outfit, whether paired with trousers. With various materials, colors, and patterns available, suspenders can be styled to suit any occasion, making them a perfect choice.

Suspender for Men

2.Neckties - ​

Neckties are a timeless item that radiates professionalism and can also be given as the perfect customized gift for men. A well-chosen necktie will improve your attire and make a fashionable statement at a formal event or a business meeting. Neckties for men come in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to express your individual style while also adding a touch of elegance to your entire look.

Neckties for Men

3.Cufflinks -

Designer cufflinks for men are small but powerful accessories that can quickly transform an outfit. They elevate dress shirts, changing an ordinary ensemble into a sophisticated one. From basic patterns to elaborate embellishments, cufflinks are a must-have item for formal events.

Cufflinks for Men

4. Stoles-

Stoles are flexible accessories that can be worn with both formal and informal ensembles. Stoles, especially made of silk, offer a touch of elegance and comfort to every outfit. They can be wrapped around the neck or thrown over the shoulders, offering warmth and flair while displaying your design sense.

Stole for Women


Handbags are necessary items that serve both functional and aesthetic functions. There are several bag types to pick from, ranging from purses to backpacks. Investing in a high-quality, multipurpose bag may help to boost your overall style while also keeping your things organised. Choose timeless patterns and neutral colours that will go with a range of outfits.

Bags for Women

6. Jewellery -

Jewellery for women is a personal and expressive accessory. If you're new to jewellery, start small with diamond studs, thin circle earrings, or a dainty pendant necklace—classic items go with practically everything. For a casual event, you can choose simple studs or go for heavy and quirky necklaces for a larger gathering.

Jewellery for Women

In conclusion, choosing the right accessories can significantly enhance your overall style and boost your confidence. By choosing accessories that match your personality, taste, and occasion, you can create a bold fashion statement that makes you feel your absolute best. At Chokore , we understand the importance of accessories in upgrading your style, and our diverse range of carefully curated accessories offers a plethora of options to cater to your individual preferences. With our premium and luxurious accessories made of 100% silk, there is something gorgeous waiting for you. We also offer unique men's gifts ideas, if you are looking for the perfect present. Explore our collection and discover the perfect accessories to elevate your fashion game and express your unique self.

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