6 Must-Have Men's Wedding Accessories for Grooms

Your wedding day is a special occasion, and as the groom, you should look and feel your best. With the right accessories, you can enhance and complete the overall look. To ensure you stand out on the special day, consider these six must-have wedding accessories for grooms that will elevate your style and leave a lasting impression.

1. Designer cufflinks

Cufflinks are fashion accessories for men that can make a great difference in the look of your wedding outfit. Choosing designer cufflinks elevates your entire style by adding a touch of enhancement and personalisation. Cufflinks, whether conventional, monogrammed, or themed, allow you to display your style while also honouring a significant occasion.

2. Pocket squares

A well-chosen pocket square is the ideal complement to any suit or tuxedo. This versatile item adds charm and colour to any look. Whether you prefer a classic fold or a more intricate arrangement, a pocket square adds a pop of flair to your chest pocket. Matching with your tie or bow tie is recommended; however, it can also be worn as a separate standout item. Pocket squares are an easy but successful way to dress up your wedding attire.

3. Ties and bow-ties

The right neckwear can complete your outfit. Choose a tie or bow tie that matches the colour scheme of your wedding and your personal style. Traditional silk neckties for men emanate timeless elegance, while a bow tie adds a sophisticated and charming touch. To add visual appeal to your ensemble, try playing with textures and patterns. Whatever you decide, make sure it supports your suit and adds to the overall look of your wedding clothing.

4. Hats and caps

If you are looking to make a bold statement, throw a hat on. From fedoras to flat caps, these accessories add a touch of vintage charm and personality to your style. Coordinate the colour and style with your suit or go for a contrasting look to stand out. Caps and hats for men not only make a distinctive fashion statement, but they also have a useful purpose, such as protecting your eyes during outdoor events.


While often overlooked, a well-chosen belt is a subtle yet essential accessory for grooms. It not only secures your trousers in place, but it also offers a polished finishing touch to your entire appearance. Select a high-quality leather belt that adds to the colour of your shoes and fits the occasion's formality. A sleek, minimalist buckle or a one-of-a-kind design may make a big impact, taking your wedding garment to the next level.

6. Tie pins and lapel pins

Small accessories like tie pins or lapel pins hold a lot of power. A tie pin secures your tie and provides a touch of charm, while a lapel pin offers a modest yet fashionable element to your jacket. To add a personal touch, use pins that compliment your overall motif or feature important symbols, such as initials or a wedding date. These subtle accessories help to create a professional and well-coordinated look.

Other Groom Accessories

Apart from the essential accessories mentioned above, grooms can explore additional options to enhance their wedding attire. Consider a stylish watch, elegant cuff bracelets, or even personalised socks that add a touch of whimsy to your ensemble. These small details contribute to a cohesive and memorable wedding look.


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