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Festive Style Guide by Chokore

It's that time of the year; families gather, houses are decorated, lights are lit, delicious meals are prepared and everyone gets dressed up. If you are an Indian, you might ask- What is it? Becaus...

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Since the importance of pocket squares has already been established by celebrities and the average suit- wearing gentlemen alike, it is now time that we explore different ways that we can style thi...

Why wear a Tie?

The real question is “Why wouldn’t you wear a tie?” With business fashion being a trend that is hitting the runway, you don’t even need a reason to wear a tie; even women style it with their everyd...

The History of Pocket Squares

To anyone who doesn’t know what a pocket square is- ever noticed those cute little colourful cloth pieces popping their heads out from the breast pocket of a suit? Yup, those lovely pieces that add...
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