The concept of RKXC was born out of my experiences
sourcing accessories for my own wardrobe.

An exquisite navy silk necktie, a self-tie black bow tie, a pristine white pocket square... Every person’s closet should contain a few staples that never go out of style, will last a lifetime and be of a quality that could, realistically, be passed down to the next generation. I, myself, have much-adored, decades-old pieces—still as stylish today as they were back in the day—some of which I’ve inherited from relatives and friends who are now long gone.

However, when I wanted to add a particular new item, I discovered that it was easy to find flashy accessories that were embellished or patterned—but that wasn’t the case when it came to classic, high-caliber, foundational pieces. If they happened to be easily available, they were either of low-quality or came at ultra-luxury price points.

So I set about assembling, what I consider to be, the foundation blocks on which a modern Indian person can build a world class accessories collection. (It helps that I love grey, but we’ve even designed our packaging to resemble concrete building blocks.) These essentials are all marked with an “Investment Piece” badge. Around these “foundation stones,” I’ve chosen other items in more creative designs and colours to help express specific facets of your personality, or for specific occasions or when you need a specific colour. If you’re just beginning to build, I would suggest first starting with the “Investment Pieces” and then adding others, as and when your means (or moods) allow.

Our pocket squares are made in India, using the most beautiful, locally sourced eri silk and fine linen. All our ties are handcrafted in Italy by a renowned fabricator that manufactures for some of the world’s most coveted luxury brands. Naturally, I have my favourites (look for the “RK Favourite” badge) but every single product in the RKXC line is one that I, myself, would want to wear

While our products are not inexpensive, we’ve worked to offer them within a highly accessible price range, considering their superb quality.

Now, although these are what are thought of as traditionally masculine furnishings, this collaboration is really for anyone who loves classic menswear, no matter the gender they identify with or conform to. I love seeing people of all persuasions wearing ties or using pocket squares, either in the customary manner (with sharp suits) or else, creatively tied around their neck, in their hair, as belts, bracelets or even adorning the handles of a bag. Ultimately, style, to me, is all about self-expression and should never be constrained by societal norms.

I can’t wait to see how you make these your own! Don’t hesitate to tag me on posts and reach out for advice on purchases or if you have suggestions for future collections.

- Rahul Khanna