Since the importance of pocket squares has already been established by celebrities and the average suit-wearing gentlemen alike, it is now time that we explore different ways that we can style this piece of cloth. A pocket square is undoubtedly an item that adds more colour and flair to a regular-looking suit; therefore, we must learn the right methods of folding these sophisticated handkerchiefs to give the most amazing results for you to look your best.Here are some ways you can elevate your style with these fashion accessories for men in a matter of a few folds.

The Square Fold

AKA, the presidential fold is the go-to style when you have a business meeting to attend. This is the tiny detail that will impress your boss and also give you a reputation as being the man with a plan. It is best used with a cotton or linen fabric to give you sharp pointy folds (a sharp dresser indeed).

STEP 1: Lay the printed pocket square on a flat surface.

STEP 2: Fold the fabric in half into a rectangle.

STEP 3: Fold the fabric in half again into a square.

STEP 4: Fold in half one last time.

STEP 5: Flip vertically and use the folded edges to finish the look.

The Puff Fold

Too lazy to iron your pocket square? Then this fold is the best choice as it is made to thrive in the curves and crinkles of the fabric. This fold is more playful and is certainly the easiest one. It is effortless, stylish, and fun and you can also play around with it a little and add your creativity by pulling a fold or two to give it more of a poof! Effect.

STEP 1: Lay the pocket on a flat surface, pin the centre, and pull it up.

STEP 2: The centre would make for the top of the fold.

STEP 3: Fold the side in and tuck the bottom edges in.

The Winged Puff Fold

Just wing it! This fold peeks into a peak from the breast pocket with the combined style of a puff and a sharp wing. It is befitting for an evening party and a more formal function without being too dramatic or too simple a style.

STEP 1: Keep the pocket square flat, in a diagonal position.

STEP 2: Fold it in half into a triangle with the pointed top facing you.

STEP 3: Fold the left corner to the centre. Repeat the same on the right corner.

STEP 4: Fold a tiny triangle towards the centre from both left and right.

STEP 5: Tuck the bottom part in so it can fit well into the pocket.

Scallop Fold

Much like the scallops themselves that have the precious pearl enclosed within them, the scallop fold is reserved for fancy occasions to make for a luxury pocket square. The fold is ideal for weddings and dinner parties and not a preferred choice for formal events. If worn using a shimmering satin or any glossy fabric, the scallop fold will provide for a dazzling appearance; a silk pocket square would go all the way with this.

STEP 1: Place the fabric diagonally on a flat surface.

STEP 2: Fold it in half to form a triangle.

STEP 3: Fold it again to form a smaller triangle

STEP 4: Keep the pointed top of the triangle pointing towards you.

STEP 5: Fold the right corner towards the left; going past more than half of the fabric. Repeat the same on the left corner as well.

STEP 6: Tuck the bottom fold into your pocket, revealing only the top folded portion of the pocket square.

The Dunaway Fold

This is yet another whimsical fold that is easy, effortless, and fun. You can get creative with this one by playing with the material used for the pocket square. Depending on the stiffness or smoothness of the fabric, you can make a fold that looks like a budding flower or like a rocket blasting off. A patterned pocket square fabric will create the effect of splashing colours.

STEP 1: Pinch and lift the fabric from the centre.

STEP 2: Tug gently on the loose edges, pulling the fabric into a banana-like shape.

STEP 3: Invert the banana shape and let the loose edges spread.

STEP 4: Fold the pocket square (bottom to top).

STEP 5: Tuck the pocket square inside the pocket to make it appear like a fountain.

Bravo! Pat yourself on the back; you deserve it! You’ve mastered the different techniques to give yourself a complete look with just a couple of folds. Now go out there and show off both your skills and fashion sense simultaneously; maybe even impart your wisdom unto your fellow mates and let them shine as bright as you.

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