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It's that time of the year; families gather, houses are decorated, lights are lit, delicious meals are prepared, and everyone gets dressed up. If you are an Indian, you might ask- What is it? Because, here in India, is there a "that time of the year" when we are filled with festivals celebrating diverse cultures?- Not really. This is exactly why you need to know how to pull off great festive looks. But what if you are looking to cut down on expenses? Don't worry; we got that covered; you don't need to buy a new outfit for each occasion. Instead, you could play with accessories for a striking look. And we are ready with the perfect style guide to walk you through the best quality men's accessories we offer here at Chokore so that you can put your best foot forward. Enjoy!


Silk Ties in India

The neckties have long been and remain to be a relevant piece of item in menswear fashion. With the versatility of this item in terms of fashion, it shouldn't come off as a surprise. You can buy ties online in India, and Chokore has an array of options for neckties for men that can make you look bold and funky with our marine and wildlife collection and make you look neat and classy with our solid collection. It is the Indian at Heart collection that you need to go for when you are looking for festive wear. They are a bold yet classy design that isn't overly elaborate with decorations. This is the right choice for the man that wants to stay modern while staying true to his roots.


Pocket Squares

Silk Pocket Squares in India

If you are into fashion, you might already know how wonderfully a pocket square can upgrade your entire outfit aesthetic. But if you aren't familiar with the item, that's alright because you will be exposed to the beauty of pocket squares through the finest quality pocket squares available here in India. Like the ties, the pocket squares we offer also have a Marine Collection, wildlife collection, marble collection, etc. They offer the same vibrancy and distinction to the outfit in the most subtle way. Silk pocket squares with prints and patterns are available along with the Indian at Heart collection which can furthermore enhance your festive look.




Cufflinks in India

Nothing can outdo a cufflink when it comes to adding a shiny charm to your outfit. As small as they may seem, premium cufflinks for men can add elegance to your look, even acting as a tiny piece of cute yet classy jewelry. Cufflink is an accessory that serves its functional purpose of holding the cuffs together and, in addition, provides a smooth polished wholeness to your attire. They come in various materials, and at Chokore, we provide cufflinks of silver and wood. They also come in interesting shapes apart from the common round or square stud-like form.


Silk Scarves for women

What can add more chicness to a Kurti than a pure silk stole? Available in various shades and prints, the silk stoles online can add much-needed finesse to your festive look.Not just that, if you are looking for unique gift ideas for women, stoles can be the perfect option. It doesn't matter if you're going for an outfit repeat; the addition of a stole or a change in your stole can transform your Kurti into a whole other outfit. That, my friend, is the power of styling with fashion accessories for women.


Oh, and before we forget, let's mention the necktie-pocket square combo that is available at Chokore, which has a variety of sets to make your purchase easier. If you are having trouble with combining the two, the set is paired together in a way that they complement each other in terms of colour and patterns. So you don't need to scratch your head figuring out how to pair them together. In addition to this, our website has a colour match section that curates styles that are perfect for you. This feature will help make your choices even smoother by providing you with expert fashion advice, which is perfect for the festive brain as you already have a load of thoughts in your head.

Gift sets for men


The festive season can be overwhelming to many; with the pressure of wanting to look your best and having a perfect style, it doesn't always have to mean that you must go over and above to achieve that. The slightest change in your accessories or even the slightest change in how you style your accessories can make a whole lot of difference. You don't need to buy a new ensemble for each festive occasion; you can be sustainable by picking the right accessories. In doing so, you get the bonus of not emptying your wallets; spend that extra cash on some goodies like ladoos or jalebis instead and thank us later.

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