Every suit accessory is a lost kid without the motherly fragrance of its appropriate suit apparel. Discovering the right pair of tie and pocket square set is the ultimate roadmap to recovering a lost kid from the candy store.

Let’s take a look at how you can match these fashion accessories for men.

A Token of Tradition.

The practice of including suit apparel in our wardrobe comportments has existed since the ancestral European tradition.

As a part of that tradition, during the initial days, neckties for men were used as a link to tie the collar of a man’s attire to the top of his jacket for better grip. Pocket squares, however, have been found to replace handkerchiefs. As easy as a pie, handkerchiefs stored in chest pockets had become pocket squares in the later span of years. But unlike handkerchiefs, printed pocket squares are not used for one’s hygienic purposes. Instead, they’ve been utilized as a small piece of clothing seasoned with a pleasant perfume scent that was believed to carry a fresh refreshment all day. Pocket squares and neckties can also be considered as unique men's gifts ideas!


Since then, throughout the generation, rather than being worn as a decorative element, the neckties and pocket squares have been passed down as a more practical tool with a higher purpose of usage.

 The art of unwrapping


Patterned luxury pocket squares in India

IMG Source:close-up photo of patches photo – Free Fabric Image on Unsplash

Perfect patterns in a pocket square and neatly blent nuances in a necktie are the two best definitions that could readily reflect the persona of an individual man. A beautiful, unnoticed accent is hidden behind every mix and match method. The art of unwrapping the extract of that subtle accent will reveal the true authentic beauty of apparel. Coming up with a perfect pair of neckties and pocket squares through the mix and match method significantly involves the selection of ingredients on three basic levels.

  • The colour of the fabric based on its intensity
  • The pattern of the material is based on the essentiality and
  • The type of the fabric is based on the level of comfort

The Colour

Bold Solids

IMG Source:black blazer photo – Free Medical valley Image on Unsplash

Monochromatic suits with dark intensities go well with any solid pocket square and necktie with flat shades such as light grey, deep blue, or bold burgundy. Always go for a necktie and pocket square, which is one shade darker than your suit. Because such a simple mix pattern always adds an extra inch of exemplary magic to your entire formal apparel. Without any say, the natural raw composition present in these solid colors will turn out as an absolute show stealer.


Plain whites

It’s all about white when you’re Toing and froing. The white coloured pocket square and necktie have a strong sense of ability to flash away any suit apparel. When in doubt, wear white.

 The Pattern

 Finest quality printed ties in India

IMG Source:black white and red textile photo – Free Tie Image on Unsplash


Herringbone has brought a timeless standard to the fashion industry just by existing. This pattern style, inspired by the British trend, has been flaunting its flavour of masculinity all these years. The monotonous herringbone pattern in suit apparel can be matched primarily with any plain prints of necktie and pocket squares that would be suitable for all professional occasions.



IMG Source:brown and white necktie on blue textile photo – Free Tie Image on Unsplash


Mango-shaped paisley symbolizes the unique concept of yin and yang. Being the best adaptation of the yin and yang pattern, the scattered prints present in the pocket squares and neckties of paisley could be well suited as a top-class neutralizer for both formal and casual suit apparel.


This type of design creates a neat color of stripes packed with several ounces of orderliness. Its fine line of simplicity should be matched with classic rigid suits tailored in with woollen or cotton.


 Premium Ties and Pocket squares for men

Cotton is the most commonly used and highly produced form of textile. The neckties and pocket squares made of cotton are directly constructed from smooth, cosy threads, which introduces a sense of closure and warmth of protection to your attire. The layers of fiber in cotton suit accessories bring a fluffier look to the suite apparel.

It performs at its best during summer and spring and is highly durable and easily washable. With their highly breathable quality, cotton neckties and pocket squares are the best choices for all types of suit apparel. Especially, cotton suit accessories can be well merged with cotton as well as linen garments.

 he cosy cotton Majenta Necktie

IMG:person wearing blue suit jacket and red necktie photo – Free Wedding Image on Unsplash

Low-key Linen

Linen is a very distinct type of fabric that also comes from the cotton family. Unlike cotton, linen is not directly extracted from the delicate plants of cotton, and the resilient and actual strong nature of linen has its root in the fibers of the flax plant. Hence, wearing a linen tie and pocket square with a loud absorption quality extends the comfort zone of your entire suit apparel. Because the sheen lustre is packed in with all kinds of Linen suit accessories, they are highly recommended for multiple formal and informal social events.

          The Woolen bull

Woolen fabrics carry a replica of richness to wherever place they go. The extreme elasticity that is naturally knitted in a Woolen cloth is because of the enormous amount of protein present in it. Their remarkable quality of holding in an extreme heat level makes them highly preferable for cold weather. Not just for the part of quality and comfortability, woolen ties and pocket squares could make fashion sound even more stylish when worn together with a similar type of Formal Woolen suit apparel.

      Best Luxury fashion accessories for men in India

Shimmering Silk

IMG Source:person wearing green dress shirt close-up photography photo – Free Grey Image on Unsplash

Made from the strongest protein fibre, silk suit accessories are meant for their peak softness and the niche of class. Until this decade, Silk is one of the significant types of fabric that has been withstanding all the trends and challenges that the fashion industry is throwing at it. Silk neckties and pocket squares are the lightest suit accessories that are designed to outnumber your aspect of fashion on all occasions. When matched with elegant Woolen apparel, they add a freaky look to your formal feature.

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