How Can You Maintain Your Designer Stoles? 6 Essential Tips

Once you’ve splurged on designer stoles, they become your go-to statement pieces. We totally get it- they are much more than just fabrics; they are style statements. But here's the deal: You have to maintain them if you want to pull off that high-end look. From stains to storage, we’re here to spill six essential tips to help you do just that.

1. Store them properly

When you are not wearing them, store them in a cool and dry place that is away from any sunlight. Colours can fade as a result of exposure to sunlight. Ideally, keep your stoles in a drawer, shelf, or a separate closet area. Hanging them on hooks or hangers for long periods of time might cause stretching and deformation.

2.Clean them gently

Maintaining the vibrant colours of your designer stoles requires regular washing. Not all stoles, however, can be washed in a washing machine. Always follow the manufacturer's care recommendations, since various materials and fabrics necessitate different cleaning procedures.

Hand washing is the best option for most stoles, especially delicate ones like silk or cashmere. Use a gentle detergent and warm water. Allow the stole to soak for a few minutes after gently agitating the water. Rinse it carefully, being careful not to wring or distort the cloth. Lay the stole flat on a clean towel after washing, wrap it up, and gently press to remove excess water. Hang it to dry, but keep it out of direct sunlight.

3.Prevent snags and pulls

Designer stoles are frequently embellished with complex patterns, needlework, or delicate materials. Wear them with care to avoid snags and pulls. Wearing stoles with jewellery or accessories that might snag on the cloth is not recommended. If you notice a loose thread, don't pull it; instead, delicately cut it with a pair of little scissors to avoid additional damage.

4. Invest in quality storage

Consider investing in suitable storage options to further safeguard your designer stoles. Storing them in ventilated garment bags, cotton pillowcases, or acid-free tissue paper can help protect the fabric from dust, filth, and moisture. Plastic bags should be avoided since they can retain moisture and promote mildew.

5. Professional cleaning and maintenance

While regular home maintenance is essential, having your designer stoles professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis is also an excellent decision. Professional cleaners are trained to handle delicate fabrics and intricate details, guaranteeing that your stoles are properly cared for. Inform the cleaners of any specific stains or concerns with the stoles so that they can follow the proper procedures to handle them.

6. Rotate and rest your stoles

Designer stoles, like your favourite pair of shoes or purses, benefit from a little leisure. Avoid wearing the same stole every day; allow them time to relax and recover. This helps to avoid excessive wear and tear, keeping your stoles looking new and lovely for longer.


There you have it! These are the main things to keep in mind if you want to maintain your luxury silk scarf. By following these six essential tips, you can ensure that your designer stoles maintain their beauty and integrity for years to come.

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