How to Pair Silk Pocket Squares with Various Suit Colours

Silk pocket squares, the epitome of elegance, have the power to elevate your suit game. But how can you mix and match them with different suit colours? In this style guide, we'll break down the art of silk pocket square coordination, making it easy for you to step up your fashion game.

Understanding the Basics

Before getting into particular combinations, it is important to understand the basics of selecting the perfect silk pocket square. The colour, design and fabric of your pocket square all play important roles in creating a cohesive and fashionable outfit. Silk is an ideal choice for pocket squares due to its lustrous finish, versatility, and ability to hold intricate folds.

Pairing with Classic Navy Suits

Navy suits are a classic option for both professional and informal events. Consider the following options when wearing a pocket square with a navy blue suit.

1. Classic white silk pocket square- A white silk pocket square is a flexible option that suits a classic navy suit. It has a classic, clean, and crisp appearance, making it ideal for formal occasions.

2. Subtle patterns- To add a sense of refinement to your attire, use silk pocket squares with delicate patterns like polka dots or pinstripes in blue, white, or grey.

Pairing with Charcoal Grey Suits

Charcoal grey suits are noted for adaptability and elegance. Consider the following pocket squares to dress up your charcoal grey suit:

1. Silver or grey pocket square- This creates a sleek and unobtrusive look that combines incredibly well with charcoal grey suits, making it appropriate for both formal and semi-formal settings.

2. Contrasting colour- To add a pop of colour, choose a silk pocket square in a complementary hue, like deep burgundy or forest green, to create a striking contrast against the charcoal grey suit.

Pairing with Beige or Tan Suits

Suits in beige or brown are ideal for outdoor gatherings and summer weddings. Consider the following options when choosing a silk pocket square to go with your beige or tan suit:

1. Earth tones- Earthy colours such as olive green, burnt orange, and mustard yellow complement beige or tan outfits. A silk pocket square in one of these colours will create a unified and attractive look.

2. Checks or gingham prints- Opt for silk pocket squares with checks or gingham patterns in colours like blue or red for a playful and summery vibe that pairs nicely with beige or tan suits.

Pairing with Light Grey Suits

Light grey suits are perfect for spring and summer gatherings. Consider the following silk pocket square alternatives to complement your light grey suit:

1. Pastel pocket squares- Light grey suits look great with pastel silk pocket squares in pink, lavender, or pale blue. These colours bring a bit of refinement and fun to any ensemble.

2. Floral or paisley colours- For a casual and relaxed look, choose silk pocket squares featuring floral or paisley patterns in coordinating colours to complement the light grey suit.


Pairing a silk pocket square with your suit is a small but significant detail that can enhance your overall look. The trick is to strike the right balance between the colour of your suit and the colour of your pocket square, ensuring that they complement rather than conflict. Whether you're going for a classic, formal look or a more casual, contemporary style, there is a silk pocket square combination for every occasion.

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