How Can I Perfectly Match a Tie and Pocket Square Set?

Your outfit is almost complete – you've got the suit, shirt, and shoes on, but there's one important thing missing, your tie and pocket square. These seemingly small details hold the power to transform an ordinary ensemble into a striking fashion statement. These accessories are the finishing touches that can make or break your look, and mastering the art of pairing a tie and pocket square is a skill every well-dressed man should possess. So, let's embark on how to perfectly match a tie and pocket square set.

How to Choose Your Tie

The first and most important step in building a well-coordinated tie and pocket square match is choosing the right tie. Here's how to choose a suitable tie:

1. Consider the Situation: Begin by considering the occasion or scenario for which you are clothing. Formal situations often call for solid-coloured ties, but casual settings allow for creative patterns and motifs.

2. Match Your Outfit: Your tie should match your suit or shirt. Begin with the main colour of your outfit and choose a tie that compliments or matches it. Ensure the tie's pattern doesn't clash with your shirt or suit pattern.

3. Consider the Fabric: Silk ties are the most adaptable, although wool, cotton, and linen ties are great for informal settings or certain seasons.

How to Choose Your Pocket Square

Once you've selected your tie, it's time to find the ideal pocket square to complement it. Here's how to choose the perfect pocket square design:

1. Colour Complements: Use complimentary colours to give depth and interest to your ensemble. A printed pocket square in the opposite colour wheel from your tie might give you a visually pleasing contrast.

2. Play with Patterns: Pocket squares give you more room to explore patterns. Match the design of your pocket square to the pattern of your tie for a coordinated effect.

3. Fold and Style: Think about how you want to fold and display your pocket square. The chosen fold can influence the overall vibe of your outfit.

How to Match Your Tie and Pocket Square

Now that you have both your tie and pocket square chosen, it's time to bring them together seamlessly with the multiple mixes and matches that you can do.

1. Colour Harmony: Make sure the colours of your tie and pocket square complement each other. A colour scheme that is well-coordinated accentuates your entire appearance.

2. Pattern Coordination: Matching patterns creates a classic and coherent aesthetic. For example, striped ties pair well with striped pocket squares, while a paisley tie can be complemented by a similarly patterned pocket square.

3. Experiment with Contrasts: If you want to pop out and create a more eye-catching look, wear a plain tie and combine it with a patterned pocket square, or vice versa.

4. Pay Attention to Balance: Keep your tie and pocket square in proportion. Avoid outweighing one with the other. If your tie is intricate, go with a simpler pocket square, and vice versa.

5. Experiment and personalise: Don't be scared to show off your unique sense of style. Your tie and pocket square combo is a blank canvas for you to express yourself, so have fun with it.


Matching a tie and pocket square combination is a skill that requires careful consideration of colours, patterns, and your own personal style. By following these steps on selecting the right tie, choosing a complementary pocket square, and harmonizing them, you can create a stylish and well-coordinated look that leaves a lasting impression.

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How Can I Perfectly Match a Tie and Pocket Square Set?

How Can I Perfectly Match a Tie and Pocket Square Set? Your outfit is almost complete – you've got the suit, shirt, and shoes on, but there's one important thing missing, your tie and pocket square...
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