What Types of Designer Handbags for Women Are Must-Haves? Your A-to-Z Guide

As dramatic as it may sound, a handbag for a woman is more than just a purse for her. Unlike men who quickly grab their keys and wallet, and stuff them into their large pockets, women want to be able to put their lip balm, sunscreen, charger, earphones, keys and everything else in their bag. At the same time the handbag should match their outfit as well. So, let’s take a look at the different types of designer handbags for women that they can pick and choose from according to their needs of the hour.

Top 5 Types of Designer Handbags that Every Woman Needs to Own

1. Crossbody

Crossbody or also known as sling bags are a must-have fashion accessory. Adding a dose of timelessness to your everyday looks, crossbody bags are versatile multi-way wearables. They come in a variety of sizes but the most suitable ones are the small or medium ones. Pro-tip: The sling of a crossbody bag can be made shorter to wear on the shoulder and sometimes, it can be detached to be carried as a clutch.

2. Bucket bag

Yes, a bag in the shape of a bucket! Bucket bags have recently become highly fashionable, with sizes ranging from a modest rucksack to a hand-sized carry-on. The shade, material, and design of these bags have changed over time, but the core bucket silhouette remains. Our Chokore Spliced Bucket Bag is a fashionable yet spacious bag that could make a great fashionable statement.

Chokore Spliced Bucket Bag

3. Tote bag

Every woman needs to have a tote bag in their wardrobe with ample storage space which is comfortable to carry around as well as looks fashionable. For those who might not know, tote bags are usually large bags that are open on the top and have two parallel shoulder handles on either side. You can style and carry them to almost everywhere including the beach, grocery pick-ups or even at work! They are an extremely versatile and functional investment that goes a long way, so make some space in your closet for them if you don’t already have them.

4. Clutch

A clutch is a compact, flat handbag with no handles or straps and a top sliding clasp that is a definite must-have for dressier events. Clutches for ladies come in an overwhelming variety of styles, shapes, and designs, with possibilities like textured, solid, sequined, embellished, embroidered, and padded at your fingertips. It's meant to be held in one hand or carried under the arm. A clutch has just sufficient space inside for tiny items like cash, lip gloss, or travel-sized cosmetic supplies. If you want the perfect clutch for your fancy dinner night then take a look at the Chokore Shimmery Leaf Clutch. It comes in many colours and has the potential to complete any look.

Chokore Shimmery Leaf Clutch

5. Shoulder bag

When you think of an essential bag then the first thing that comes to mind is a shoulder bag. Without a doubt, these are the most basic and consumed form of bags that any woman should have. Shoulder bags come in many shapes and as the name suggests they are intended to be carried on one’s shoulder. One of the most stylish options is our Chokore Crescent-shaped Shoulder Bag. It has a quirky look and can also carry most of your basic belongings.

Chokore Crescent-shaped Shoulder Bag


In conclusion, a well-rounded collection of designer handbags for women should include timeless classics like the tote, clutch, and crossbody bag, ensuring versatility for various occasions. These must-haves, along with an array of stylish options, can be found on our website. Whether you want chic totes or elegant clutches, for yourself or looking for unique gift ideas for women at Chokore we have everything for you. Our extensive collection of fashion accessories for women has something to delight every fashionista's desires. Explore our exquisite range today to elevate your fashion game with these essential accessories.

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